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Principală » 2012 » Octombrie » 25 » Project for helping street kids
10:08 PM
Project for helping street kids
Let the children come to me, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as they''.

Christian Church ''Gospel'(pentecostal)

      God put this on our heart, for 3 months to offer food to street's children and the poor kids. They could serve a warm food in our church about 50 children but with the help of God we want in our church to give food to 100 children. Our church is located in a very poor area and there most of the children doesn't go to school,is a drugs area, of prostitution and divorces. As you see God put us here with our church to work in the middle of this people category. So we make a call to all brothers and sisters wants to help this project regarding the kids and especially to the pastors who wants to involve their church in this project because we could not give to this children only once a week to about 100 children it would cost 150 euro a day. We need to buy 8 tables that got also chairs and it cost 70 euro one table, 50 tureens,50 plates, 50 spoons and furcs,50 cups. we need to buy also a bigger cooker to prepare more different food once. All this cost around 600 euro.
      We want to have with them different programs like:  christian programs, school(learn them to read, write etc.,), to learn them to play on instruments to have camps too, Christians of course and in time to make leaders of worship, gospel preachers. In this project we want to built in the yard of our church a bathroom to have 4-5 showers to wash this children, and it is necessary also clothes for them.VERY NECESSARY is a bus with a big capacity 
      Please all that you want to get involved in this vision HELP US to make this project move that it has so much spiritual heavy. Why? Because we as church have not the necessary possibilities to make this come true. The church is in Neighborhood Ferentari from Bucharest, Romania. str. Prel Ferentar, n° 5, sect. 5.
     To this project we add some pictures with the children eating food in the our church. Thank you to all that will get involved and it will help us to this in good conditions. Greetings with psalm 20 and 128. Please remand this project if you have relations and friends that might help us. thank you!

And I The King, will tell them: ''When you did it to these my brothers you were doing this to me''( Mat 25: 35-40 read)

BRD AGENTIA RAHOVA BUCURESTI, Calea Ferentari nr. 1 , Sect.5 Bucuresti
COD IBAN euro  RO82BRDE410SV91495364100

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