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2:28 PM
Letter August

    Beloved brothers and sisters In Christ and readers,

   I want to present you some serious situation of some families from Romania that our help. Here, unfortunately, the number of families who struggle to survive grows from day to day. Besides the fact that they don't have food , children must go to school to get an education and to secure the future but many of them because of the  poverty, they can't  look cheerful for the future. There are many cases and we will present few of them ...

Băilă Family

      A poor family from Bucharest, Ferentari. The mother, Mariana, is 36 yrs. old and God blessed her with two wonderful girls: Ana-Maria-11 yrs. old and Erika is 2 and half yrs. old
Their father, being not a christian, two yrs. ago he was put in jail and this three souls struggle day by day to survive, moreover they  are living  in a house that in every moment can fall over and crash.
 Two rooms are  destroyed almost 90 percent,they moved  to another room where the danger of collapse is less. The wall which supports almost the  all resistance of the house  is very insecure and there are dangers to crash.
I wanna let you know that Ana-maria is going to school and her results are very good! And now it starts the new school year and she needs supplies for that.
      Considering that the father was the only one who supported the family, now he no longer next to his family, please keep in mind how hard is it to a  mother with two children to be able to gain the existence from day to day.
I have written these lines because the Holy Scriptures say: Galatians 6:10  "Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers."

      But God is our Provider and we pray strong in faith for this families that God can help them through you. And we pray for the families that are in need God to protect and to provide people with big hearts to help them! 

Barcan Family 

The family lives in Satul Cornetu, jud. Vrancea. Family is composed by four children and their mother, Laura, 40 yrs old.  Ana the youngest kid is 9 yrs. old , Abel is 11, Andreea is 12 and Somna the oldest is a 14 yrs. girl. 
   Their daddy left them 8  years ago for a... hooker, when they were very small. Since he left their mother struggled to raise and provide food..even if she never had a support she has not abandoned them. Praise to the Lord!
 The two smaller kids  go to school but due to poverty and the situation of the  family,the  older girls help their MOM. They have no support, just hope that Jesus Christ will help ...It is very hard for a mother to take the father's place too.
     Besides the fact that the children have not even strictly necessary: clothing, footwear , because they wasn't feed good they are not good developed as they should at their age .
 All five live in only one room and no conditions.  Their mother is a very hard-working and brave woman but has nowhere to work only when it's the season and then gets only 30 euros/month and this is not enough to feed four hungry kids  when you they don't have enough she no longer includes herself.
If she had a horse and a cart she could handle this situation better.  So please let's keep them in our prayers and pray that God will supply this for her.

    The third case is the case of another family from Bucharest composed by 4 boys and their mother, Mutcu Florica. 
 The youngest is 5 yrs. old, David, Daniel 8 yrs old, Alexandru 10yrs and Samuel is 12 yrs. old
   As in the first case, before David to born, his daddy entered in prison.  
They pay rent, they don't have a house and the poverty push on them.
All the boys are going to school except the youngest. All have good results but because of the poverty and the circumstances they cannot dream of a good future!
   They struggle and each for all this three families is a fight with poverty,hunger....

As you see all cases are very moving and imagine that in this situation are a lot of families. They need our help and our prayers. We need to help our brothers!! WE pray God to provide support for them and to search the heart of the people to help them!!

Galatians 6:2Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ
Proverbs 19:17Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

 Any help it is welcome! You can send here it is a bank account and specify what family you wanna help!

Ag. RAHOVA BUCURESTI, Cal. Ferentari nr. 1


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