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11:12 AM

                The Christian Church 'The Spring of the One who Prayed'-En Hacore (Judges 15:19)
   ...why this name? Because we cry and pray at the One who said: My house will be a prayer house and we believe God will give us o prayer house as He did with Samson when He opened the stone and gave him Water and as he did with Agarei when He made a spring to flow from a dry and empty ground for her own and her son (Geneses 21:15-19). We pray for more than 1 year to God for a Worship place. The church is planted for an year and eight months in village Glina (Bobesti) com. Glina Jud . Ilfov, Romania. First we rented a house but it was necessary a lot and others reparations. The owner wanted to sale us the house in that time but we didn't got money for that but he leaved us in the house paying the rent for 1 year and in this time to prepaire the money to buy it. I told him if we will give money to reparations he would not make the price bigger when we will buy the house.  The deal is that the price is 14000 euros regarding the trade that will be made with all the taxes i think the amount will be more than 16000 euros. The price of the house is bigger but the owner knows that we made a deal because we gave money for the reparations and he gave us a time till October.
      Now some things about the community from that place- it is located at 20 km in the outside of Bucharest. The population from there is more than 4000 peoples but in the village where we have the church the people are very poor they don't have any job. Almost every family has 5-6 kids. Some of them has as job the music. Near them is a cesspit and from that many of them are living, searching metal, plastic bottles and others . This is the way that Manny of them try to live but many fail. And as you know that the first people that answer to the Gospel Message are the poor.
      On 4th July 2012 our rent Contract finished and we should have the money to buy the house but with sorrow in my heart I'm telling you in this moment we don't have any money for this. In this time he could just to pay the rent at day. So we make a call to all brothers from churches and please in The Name of Jesus Christ to give us a helping hand for that to don't remain in the street. 
       We want to thanks to all our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ that will help us and Greetings with Ruth 2:12. Amen! and more than this we pray for all the pastors that will involve their church in this need to buy a Prayer House.
        Regarding the pourness from this community it is very necessary HUMANITARIAN HELP :clothes, things for  casnic use and aliments.
BRD AGENTIA RAHOVA BUCURESTI, Calea Ferentari nr. 1 , Sect.5 Bucuresti
COD IBAN euro  RO82BRDE410SV91495364100

Pastor Calin Ion,organization's president  (0040)0765 863 438                                                                                  (0040)0744 982 687

  The House that we want to buy


  The yard of the house

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