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Principală » 2013 » Iunie » 25 » 24th June-Bobesti Evangelism
3:36 PM
24th June-Bobesti Evangelism
Ministry update-June

  24th June-Bobesti Evangelism

    This It's been a POWERFUL day,regarding the ministry God worked and changed the heart of the people.
The Holly Spirit led ps. Calin to evangelize in the street again and he celebrated two baptisms: an young girl 16 yrs. old-Alexandra and sister Mihaela 33 yrs. old.

    We borrowed a plastic pool from someone to do that.
So we arranged our sound system. The people been kind and let us take electricity. 
We put the plastic pool and fill it with water and we brought chairs from the church to the people.
First we started with a prayer and then let the Holy Spirit to work through our worship team. After several songs God spoke to pastor Calin

    The people heard an amazing testimony of a young men about 11 yrs. ago , he used to live a sinful life . He was a drugs addicted, a drugs dealer and also he used to take the girls to prostitute . He said that he was stilling from everybody to have money for drugs even from his parents. He wanted so much to be no more a slave, he wanted himself to be the dealer. He told how he stilled a big big amount of money from his parents to become a dealer. The young men testified even when he became that he didn't feel that satisfaction he waiting for.
    And someday he came in the church just to mock the believers and suddenly the pastor started to talk about Jesus and His Love and his heart was touched. The pastor made a calling and with tears in his eyes he accepted Christ as His personal savior. And God set him free of every addictions and all the things that were holding him captive . And till today He is living a clean and totally devoted to Jesus. God has touched so many hearts through his testimony and their eyes were fill with tears.

    And also Alexandra, testified how at the age of four her parents has sent her to the orphanage. Now she is 16. And last summer when she finally saw her mother she said to Alexandra that they didn't want her. Alexandra came at the church at the invitation of her classmate Estera, Calin's daughter. Alexandra saw that she got a real Father in the heavens, that is also a Mother and she said He is the only one that took care of her. She said that in the church she felt the real love and after a while she decided to baptize.

    Mihaela, a young woman 33 yrs. old also she testified how God healed her.
She came about 6 months ago in the church at the invitation of her friend Ana Maria, Calin's daughter in law.
Mihaela testified that she had serious problems with the kidneys and the doctors said: How You're still alive??
She lost the pregnancy because of this problem. She gave her life to Jesus and after the service  she ask pastor Calin to pray for her sickness. Next time when she came in the church she said that she is feeling no more pains. But the doctors said she is very sick and she said "I don't feel any pain" and they were amazed. And she testified how God healed her.

    During the evangelism a lot of people gather to listen the Word of God and the Holly Spirit has searched their hearts. God worked yesterday so powerful and wonderful. It was a blessed day for everyone cause we heard these amazing testimonies.

    Pastor Calin ask all the readers to pray for the ministry and God to prepare resources to fix the car that we use it in the ministry. Many things need to be fixed. And don't forget to pray for Bobesti for the church God to give us a prayer house.
God bless you all!!

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